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Your hearing matters. Sounds such as your grandchildren's voices, birds chirping outside, live music, or a conversation at your favorite restaurant, are so special to hear. At Woodward Hearing Aid Center in Southfield, Michigan, we can help you get back those sounds you enjoy, reconnect with your family members, and improve your overall quality of life. Over 48 million Americans of all ages experience hearing loss. If you are showing signs of hearing loss, you are not alone. Our team is here to help guide you every step of the way.

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30 Years of Hearing Healthcare

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We're still operated by the same board-certified hearing instrument specialist, Tony Rushing, who founded Woodward Hearing Aid Center years ago. Tony brings decades of experience in testing and treating hearing loss, and he loves tackling challenges and making a difference for every patient.

We've been treating hearing loss in Detroit since 1981, and some of our patients have been with us since the beginning. In some cases, we've even had generations of families come to see us for their hearing needs. It's the best feeling to know our patients trust us so much.

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Why Woodward Hearing Aid Center?

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Your First Appointment

You might wonder, "is it time for me to get hearing aids?" If it's crossed your mind, and if you have noticed that it's harder to understand the people around you than it used to be, then you should consider having your hearing screened. A hearing screening doesn't mean you have to commit to getting hearing aids today. It can simply be a valuable first step in deciding what you want to do about your hearing.

We always recommend bringing a family member or spouse with you. They'll give another perspective on your hearing loss so we can better understand your situation. They can also help you keep track of the information and explanations we share with you.

A Step-By-Step Process

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